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Viper 3D is a screensaver featuring the Dodge Viper
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Viper 3D is a screensaver featuring the Dodge Viper. It is easily installed. The screensaver is compatible with many versions of Windows. It is basically a 3D rendering of a racing version of the Dodge Viper. A city is chosen as the setting: the car is in the middle of the road, and the camera shows it from many different angles.

After the installation process it will be automatically added to your Windows screen savers. It does have a decent amount of options you can choose from. You can change the delay on the camera. A lower value means that the camera will switch more often, and a higher value means that it will take longer to switch between camera views. You can also change the graphics quality and the sound volume. Another nice feature is that you can choose to see the FPS (frames per second). This could be used as a sort of a benchmark tool for some computers, although it doesn't have very high requirements. You also have the option of showing the time in a 12 hour format, or a 24 hour format. Another thing you can do is set it to a different resolution than your desktop one.

Ultimately Viper 3D looks good and has some good features for a screensaver. The car design is also pretty great and it does offer some viewing pleasure.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to use
  • Good amount of options
  • Nice graphics


  • Requires administrator privileges
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